10 Rules for Success from Mr 10X

By Dan Argent


Grant Cardone is someone I have looked up to for a long time, so it was incredibly exciting to have the chance to interview him recently for my podcast Below The Surface and the accompanying Drive By Dan … Read More »

Property Management: The World’s Best Job

By Shannyn Laird


To me, the idea of ‘Instagram perfect’ is ridiculous.

I’m sure there are plenty of happy people living great lives out there, but we all have our quirks and eccentricities, our ordeals and values, that make us interesting, complex … Read More »

The Only Two Reasons a Property Isn’t Selling

by Daniel Argent


As you can imagine, I’ve had my fair share of conversations over the years with thousands of vendors – whether they be clients, friends, associates or someone I’ve just met at a social gathering. I get peppered with all sorts … Read More »

What Attracts an Executive Tenant?

by Shannyn Laird


Property purchasers are classic users of ‘must have’ check lists. They’ll happily wander into a selling agent’s office and lay out their essential ‘wants’ in a new home, hoping to unearth the perfect listing. So, it should come as no … Read More »